About Us

Our Approach

Being just a Catholic is more than enough! It is our goal to help spread the word that success as a family has nothing to do with material wealth or prestige. Success is having a healthy, happy family.

Our Story

Bryan and Michelle were married in 2000. A year later Arista was born, two years later – Isaac, and five years later -Evan. Michelle became a Catholic while Bryan was serving in Iraq. Upon moving to rural Kansas, Bryan and Michelle became active in the church and taught CCD for years. Michelle continues to teach CCD even to this day!

Meet Bryan and Michelle

Our story is probably just like yours!


Husband and Father

Bryan is a cradle Catholic who is a college instructor, pharmacist, and small business owner.


Wife and Mother

Michelle is a convert to the faith. She is a graphic designer and an herbal medicine specialist.

The Kids

Arista, Isaac, and Evan

The kids are exactly that…kids. They are good people who live life to the fullest!

Next Steps…

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