Make sure that you have fun every day!

Catholic Life

Why are so many of us walking around miserable and grumpy all day?

There is no reason for this doom and gloom. Yes, politics is terrible. Sickness is all around us. The flu and coronavirus are bearing down on the United States. There is ample reason for us to be down, it is true.

Take note of the reasons for happiness and joy. Look at your family. Find your spouse and your kids and just look at the beauty that God has given you.

Money may be short. Bills are not just going to disappear. But you must NOT dwell only on the negative in life. Take at least 10 minutes per day and think of all the reasons that you have to thank God for your blessings.

Blessings are NOT material wealth. Don’t fall victim to that prosperity gospel garbage that so many out there preach. Wealth does not show God’s blessing. Achieving extreme wealth is the exact opposite of what Jesus told us to do.

So take those 10 minutes NOW. Find all those reasons to thank God and you will see more joy and blessings as a result.

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