Take care of God’s second-best gift to you – your body

Catholic Life

Obviously, God’s greatest gift to you is your eternal salvation that Jesus won. It is so sad that so many people neglect this gift.

But it is also very sad that so many people neglect God’s second best gift. Your body and health are a great tool that God granted you to create his kingdom on Earth. Look at all of the people walking around as you go about your day. See all of the obesity, disease, and laziness.

It is bad enough that your eternal salvation is neglected. But couple that with the disregard for your bodily health, it is almost unforgivable. ALMOST.

God’s mercy is amazing. It is never too late to repent and fix the mistakes that you have made.

Take the time today to commit to fixing your health. Fix your body. Do something to become healthier.

I decided to start working out about 5 years ago. Thirty pounds melted off of my body getting me down to a healthy weight. And I am here to tell you that IT SUCKED! It still sucks working out and eating right.

But now is your chance to take action. I am challenging you now. Watch my challenge video below. Are you going to wuss out or take me up on this challenge?

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