The market crash and relying on God


Today, Monday, March 9, is a bad day for big business. As I write this article, it is down 1250 points which is UP from a loss of 1800 at the open.

The Dow Jones is not the only indicator of how good or bad times are. I am here to tell you that even when the Dow, S&P, and Nasdaq are down, life continues on for the rest of us EXACTLY AS IT WAS.

Times are going to get tough but I want to encourage you to have faith that it will get better. Has the market ever turned down and not recovered? Of course not! It always recovers. Actually, it always goes up!

Perhaps, we need to refocus our lives during these tumultuous times. We have been getting the signs from God for quite a while now. Increasing natural disasters, plagues of locusts, droughts, famines, fires all point to the need to focus on what is GOOD.

The goodness of our lives far outweighs the negative of life. Think of your own life and all the blessings that you have. If you are reading this on your phone or computer then think of how amazing it is that you have a powerful device that would absolutely amaze someone from 30 years ago.

God is with us during this upcoming drama. Be sure of it. Never are we forsaken. I promise that you will come through these next few months stronger than you were last month. No matter how the Dow does, God is with us and, if we focus on him, we will always be cared for.

It’s not the end of the world…

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